Marfo BV

MARFO B.V. is a SME designed for large scale and customer specific production. The most up-to-date kitchen in Europe is in Lelystad, 40 miles northeast of Amsterdam, Holland. 

MARFO B.V. prepares thousands of frozen food products daily, ranging from semi-manufactured to ready-to-serve meals. Marfo’s modern production facility (8.000 m²) is, where possible, completely computer controlled, thus ensuring the consistent quality of each serving. Present output capacity is 150.000 meals a day.

Resources of MARFO included complete production facility, equipped for both fresh and frozen ready to eat meals and meal components. Products ranged from soups, desserts, salads and hot meals and all ingredients, products and processing techniques are available for TOP. It operates on different supply chains such as, airline, elderly homes, hospitals and prisons etc. Marfo’s ambition is to open a new market with HPT for ambient stable meals.